The disturbing calls while driving, Employment productivity losses incur which can be deterring etc. These are the major problems faced by citizens now.Henceforth, Quick Tunes mobile application Solves the problem by the following means of –

For Example :

When a user sets himself into a meeting profile for certain hour, with any emergency rings.

1. Quick tunes activates, meeting busy profile for a certain hour

2. Any call during the same duration will have message popped to the call as

a. SMS

b. Voice notification

c. App Pop-up

3. Number which is listed in the VVIP group fully bypass the profile

4. Numbers that are listed VIP, their first call is dropped with a message notification.

5. Numbers in avoid list are not connected at all till the profile is active.

Different ways of profile setter


Quick Tune profile can be set through the app manually, which may put your phone into bsuy profile for a specific duration of time and you can set that duration of time with given time setter feature.

Quick Dial

It's like Speed Dial where you can just dial some shortcuts For Ex: **1 for driving and it sets into the busy profile. It's a Fully Free Service.


beacons are devices these devices broadcast Busy Profiles through Bluetooth Quick Tune App reacts to it and set the busy profile. These devices are extremely useful as DND Services wherein bulk busy profiles can be with without user intervention, these can be deployed in Prayer halls, courts, classrooms, hospitals, government offices, Vehicles.

QR Code

Users can set busy profiles by scanning a QR Code that can be used as a low-cost alternative of a beacon but can be issued in organized structures, not in public places, such as classes. QR Code can also be used as Employee productivity services, only allowing important calls to employee phones increasing productivity, and reducing the time waste.

Speed Set

In this License Busy Profile (Driving profile ) can be set, when the Quick app user is configured as a driver and detects the speed and unsets when the vehicle stops.

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These are the Features


The selected groups will be allowed to connect the calls during busy profile after 1 attempt


The selected groups will be allowed to connect the calls during busy profile


The selected groups will not be allowed to connect the calls during busy profile


This SMS is sent for every first call connected to you automatically in a day