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About Founder

Name: Md.Ayyaz, CTO and Founder

Mr.Ayyaz has 18+ years of experience in IT.He is a hardcore techie with a strong background in building large-scale scalable IT products,his amazing problem-solving skills, being full of innovative ideas,and unique way of looking at the things that make him exceptional in his work.His past experience with corporates includes Alcatel-Lucent (Bell Labs USA),Qlogic(Intel),TeamF1(D-Link R&D),etc.

He brings loads of experience and expertise in the field of Telecom,Networking,Cyber Security, Embedded Systems.Linux Kernel and Networking stack.

His passion for his work makes him unstoppable.He believes in his vision very strongly and far-sighted person.His multi-domain and multi-tech experience make product development fast and smooth and competition-ready.His tech experience involves segments like firmware,device driver,kernel programming,networking,telecom,application programming,databases,cloud computing,IoT,Network Security,infra – structures,automation,orchestration,product management.

He is leading the entire program of Anthropic in the capacity of CTO.