DND QBeacons are bluetooth Devices covering a range of 10 to 30 meters of area , Quick tunes enables Apps in the vinicity , DND Qbeacons are able to broadcast Busy profile to quick tune users covering large area, resulting into setting of all mobiles in corresponding busy profiles , this becomes sensible alternative of jammer where all emergency calls are still allowed and all supressed calls are informed about busy profile with reason of declining the call .

Different cases

Prayer Halls

Phone calls while performing prayers, ruins your concentration.


Quiet environment improves patient healing. When patients experience sleep disruption or do not rest, they experience an increase in heart rate and brain wave activity. In fact, patients respond to hospital noise in the same way they would respond to stress, and this impacts their healing

Court Rooms

The echoes of jury affecting the silence inside the court room leads to impartial judgement, which can be impartial towards the evict.

Exam halls

During the examinations, we become very serious about our studies. It should reverberate with conversation, buzz with gossip, hum with energy can effect the environment of examination.

Government Offices

Crowd gathering in front of offices will affect the judgement reasoning of the officials.


The reason that people are asked to not speak loudly or make loud noises when they're in a library is because it distracts others from focusing on learning. If you're making noise while inside the library then this disrupts other people who need to concentrate and work in peace.

Conference Rooms

The loud noise emitting from other participants and the disturbing phone calls can inevitably lead to loss of confidence of the presentor

Class Rooms

Silence can Offer opportunities for students to sit without distraction, helps them absorb content and remember it, and think about additional questions. They can process the feelings and ideas expressed by their peers and consider the importance of other perspectives.